Gaaitjie Today

The family longed for a lifestyle change and to get away from the busy city. In 2015 by chance sister Chantelle was on holiday in Paternoster and saw the business up for sale. She took a picture of the advertisement and sent it to the family stating, “how about a family business”.

Dad Theuns and brother Jaco went down to Gaaitjie to meet with Suzi and to check out if this business will be viable.

Two months later we took a leap of faith and packed our bags and moved to Paternoster. Now in 2019 we are still in Paternoster and as happy as can be running a very successful family beach front restaurant.

Our location and views remain unbeatable.

Gaaitjie creates a warm welcome with traditional feelings of comfort combined with a varied menu focused on local produce.

Explore the Paternoster beach and nestled amongst the rocks, you will find a simple white-washed fisherman’s cottage. Gaaitjie has a warm, nostalgic atmosphere, true to its heritage. This unique atmosphere of tradition and comfort has inspired an eclectic menu featuring local produce, fused with contemporary influences.

Our food is unpretentious and made with love, using sustainable fresh local produce as far as possible. The decor is simple yet comfortable and our unique location and views remain unbeatable. We boast an excellent wine list, sourced from the West Coast and immediate surrounds.

We look forward to meeting Gaaitjie’s current and future friends, the final and most important ingredient to the perfect meal.